Modular Laboratory Building

Our modular units offer a flexible solution for added lab capacity.  They are built from superior materials and have a proven track record with years of operation in major research facilities.  Our modular labs are ideal for a range of assessment and monitoring efforts.  GF Environmental Labs designs modular buildings that differ from traditional U.S. based modular construction techniques. We do not use wooden floors/studs or drywall.  GF Environmental Labs uses all metal construction for durability and integrity.  Our modular labs are built with monolithic floors, walls and ceilings.  There are no seams, cracks or crevices where microbiological growth could occur.  All corners are radiused, and seamless flooring is coved up the wall for easy cleaning and to insure effective decontamination.


Single section labs are 14’ x 50’ and can be joined together to create larger lab spaces. Whether intended as stand-alone labs or for connection to existing facilities, GF Environmental Labs Modular Labs include pre-certified and commissioned HVAC systems to facilitate fast on-site set up and operation.


GF Environmental Labs provides Modular Lab Buildings for a multitude of applications.  Our standard modular construction methods provide sealed laboratory interiors.  GF Environmental Labs’ Modular Units are ideal for extreme or challenging applications.



Modular Labs for Specialty Applications and Severe Environments

Our  modular labs are renowned for the highest level of construction standards and they are also ideal for many other demanding applications.  Our  engineering capabilities are called upon to provide solutions for designing rugged laboratories for harsh climates or severe environments.  These applications include labs suitable for field operations in the mining, petroleum and chemical industries.  They are also ideally suited for water, soil and air testing operations.