Mobile Laboratories: Trucks

Truck Labs:  High degree of mobility and greater space for your laboratory needs

Our Truck Labs represent the ultimate mobile laboratory solution. Completely self-contained and self-sustaining, Truck Labs can go to more places and stay there longer, allowing for larger scale on-site operations with the added benefit of mobility.  These units were initially constructed to be both rugged and compact to support military missions; however, over time customers also wanted larger platforms to carry out additional analyses.  To meet those needs we developed our 12 meter long Truck Laboratory.  This allows for larger scale operations and greater analytical capabilities while still maintaining mobility.  Truck Labs are also typically equipped with slide-outs, yielding more usable lab space once in place.

Our Truck Labs are capable of remaining on-site for longer periods of time and need less external infrastructure to operate.  They carry supply water and liquid waste tanks, are equipped with generators, and can also be plugged into local external power sources.


Large Truck Labs

Our Large Trucks provide ample space and capabilities for analytical and testing operations.  They can be used as completely self-contained and self-sustaining mobile labs.  These Large Truck Laboratories are useful for sending complete laboratory facilities to remote areas where fixed based labs are not available.


Our Medium Trucks are ideal for a diverse number of laboratory and sampling acquisition applications in urban and rural locations where larger vehicles may not be able to travel.  These mid-size Truck Labs can operate in an array of challenging situations, and are available with 4-wheel drive for better access to remote areas.